What is the transpirenaica?

The great crossing of the Pyrenees from the Mediterranean Sea to the Bay of Biscay along the southern slope, in 30 stages (800 km and 50,000 meters of difference in altitude)

Since many years we organize the Transpirenaica for international groups and the participants experienced in trekkings all over the world confirm us: The Transpirenaica is one of the best treks that can be done worldwide. And why?

  • For the good weather that almost always accompanies us,
  • For the spectacular and very varied landscapes that we visit
  • For the real places where we stay
  • On lonely paths where we advance
  • And for many more things

Want the best trekking in Europe to suit you?

Naturatour organizes it for you.

How do we organize it?

  • We offer you 3 modalities: the Trekking for experienced walkers, the “Challenge” walkers and trailrunners and the “Superchallenge” which is a 7-stage raid that we organize at the beginning of July, each year in a different place.
  • We book accommodation for you, we organize the transport of luggage and transfers of approach for the “trekking”.
  • For the best orientation, we provide you with the route tracks, the “click @ Transpir” geonavigation app and our own maps.

The Trekking

The Challenge

The Superchallenge

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